Teak with Walnut Celtic Knot Salt & Pepper Shaker

A Teak salt and pepper shaker with Walnut Celtic knot inlay.


What wood?

Teak (Tectona Grandis) is a tropical hardwood tree species placed in the flowering plant family Lamiaceae. Some forms of teak are known as Burmese Teak, Central Province Teak (CP Teak), as well as Nagpur Teak. Teak is native to South and Southeast Asia, mainly India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh but is naturalised and cultivated in many countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

American Black Walnut is a medium to large hardwood, native to the eastern regions of North America. There are two different components to walnut wood. The outer layer is called sapwood and the inner layer is called the heartwood. Walnut sapwood has a creamy white colour. The walnut heartwood colour ranges from a golden or light brown to dark chocolate brown colour, and sometimes with narrow streaks of a darker purplish-brown.


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