Hi! I'm Huw Davies

Craftsman  •   Woodturner

A bit about me

My love of making things with my hands started as a very young boy helping my father fix and build things for our family home. This love continued through my school years with me studying ‘O’ Levels in Woodwork, Metalwork and Technical Drawing and an ‘A’ Level in Design Technology.

My education in this field continued with 2 years, of a 3 year course, at college studying a B. Ed in Design Technology which I didn’t complete as I realised that being a teacher was not going to be my chosen career.

I did however end up teaching Silversmithing, at my old school, as a night class course for people who wanted to make jewellery and other projects in non-ferrous metals. I spent a very happy 2 years doing this, 2 nights a week, but had to give up the position due to moving away from the area.

Just over 40 years later having had 2 full knee replacement operations I found I had a lot of time on my hands during the recovery periods from these operations and took up Matchstick Modelling which could be done while sitting down while keeping my legs elevated, on doctors’ orders.

Having made a few models from kits bought on the internet I decided to make my own model designs and made scale models for family and friends of the musical instruments they played which included Guitars, a Harp, a Violin, a Banjo and a Baby Grand Piano. The piano was definitely a labour of love as it took over 200 hours to complete the scale model.

I wanted to take this further so bought a bandsaw, from a very old friend of mine Kevin and while spending the weekend at his home, spent most of that time in his workshop and made my first pen on his lathe.

I was hooked once again and very shortly afterwards bought my first lathe. Now on lathe Number 3, I still have lathe Number 2, and Workshop Number 2 I am able to do what I love once more.

I have been asked what is my favourite wood to use for turning. It is a very difficult question to answer as each wood has its own characteristics through grain patterns and turning qualities but if I had to choose one it would be the Rosewood family of woods as the colours and grain patterns never stop putting a smile on my face when turning and when the item is finished.


The Workshop

My workshop was purpose built to my design preferences in 2018 when I outgrew my original small workshop. Although compact in size, it contains all the machines I use to produce my items as well as storage for all the materials used in my work. The heart of the work shop, apart from the machines, is of course the hi-fi system to provide music while I work. My workshop has been called many things by family and friends from “The Man Cave”, “My Second Home” to “My Den”.  I call it my “Sanctuary” as when I’m in my workshop it’s like entering a different environment where the outside world seems to disappear leaving me in a world of my own.


Hand turned

All of the Wooden-it-be-nice products are handcrafted from individually sourced and selected woods. This makes every product unique as no piece of wood is the same, due to texture, grain and treatment.


If you fancy a shop

Celebrating 40 years of promoting British Woodwork

Dansel Gallery, well known for stunning displays of contemporary British handmade woodwork by 200 UK designer makers, is celebrating 40 years of trading in Abbotsbury, Dorset this August 2019.

They are giving away TREE SEEDS with every purchase, of the Linden or Lime tree, Tilia Platyphyllos, a species particularly suited to removing polluting emissions that face planet earth today.

The owners have already planted some 2000 trees in Dorset and are hoping their customers will enjoy the challenge to continue this worthwhile pursuit.